The WHY of abandoned horses

It says up top “Must credit Oklahoma City Oklahoman“, so I will (dis)credit Sonya Colberg of the Oklahoman.

Who is an idiot.

Here’s a big sob story about horses being abandoned all over the place, mostly because of the recession.  So why is it people can’t even get $25 for a horse at auction, when people are having a hard time all over the planet making ends meet? After all, horses are made of meat.

Ah, that’s the problem. It’s now against the law to turn horses into meat. If you get them cheap enough to make it worthwhile, you might be able to send them on-the-hoof to Mexico…where they’re a lot less gentle about turning horses into meat than we were.

But of course it’s all about poverty and cruelty, not about unexpected consequences of do-gooder laws. Not a word about that.


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