Give “mulatto punk*” Jeff Johnson a second chance?

Philip Morris demonstrates what makes him the Pee Dealer’s most representative columnist.  He believes that the former state senator, who was found guilty of extortion in 1998 and sentenced to 15 months in federal prison, would make a dandy city councilman, because, you know, we haven’t had enough scandals with Cleveland city councilmen of late.

Johnson said he’s returning to his political roots to serve, not to seek redemption. He said he’s back at “square one” because he never stopped believing that he would one day return to a life of public service.

“I spent nine months cleaning showers and face-bowls for 19 cents an hour,” Johnson said over breakfast Monday morning. “That gave me plenty of time to reflect on my temperament. I came to understand that underlying my problems of the past had been my arrogance.

“I’m a better person now. I’ve learned the power of humility.”

He’s so humble, he even brags about it in public! As for service, why doesn’t he take that newly-returned law license and go work for some charity or church for peanuts? The only “service” he could do on Council would be in the animal husbandry sense. He was of more service to mankind swabbing those commodes.

The commentariat is really not buying the argument.


*I didn’t say it; George Forbes did, when he threw the chair at him. And George should know.


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