Lizzie was a 14 year old girl once

so she knows exactly what she’s talking about:

The White House Press Corps has revealed a profound truth about themselves: they’re a bunch of 14 year old girls. If they don’t like you, they will be absolute savages to you. But if they like you, you’re cool and they all want to be, they all want to invite you for a sleepover.

If they love you, they collect your bare-chested pictures they draw hearts around your name and sigh that you are the best, the smartest, the coolest, the funniest, the most elegant, the most brilliant, the handsomest and best-dressed, most charming evah, evah, evah, and have fantasies that you’ll take them on a dream date! They share minutiae about you; what you like and dislike. And when you break promises to them, they either ignore it or they make excuses for it.


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