I could have spent my adolescence in court

A Kenyan man is seeking damages for anguish sustained during a week-long sex ban called by women’s groups in a bid to force political leaders to put their rivalry aside to work for the common good.

James Kimondo is suing the leaders of G10, a coalition of women’s groups that called for a national boycott to push the men into resolving the east African country’s political woes. 

“Since the women called for the sex boycott, my wife has denied me my conjugal rights. This has caused me anxiety and sleepless night,” Mr Kimondo said. 

Whatsa matter, your hand broke?

Nothing like crediting the boycott with success, is there?


3 Responses to I could have spent my adolescence in court

  1. kishnevi says:

    I wonder what Aristophanes is thinking, looking down from Elysium on this.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Or what the KKK members in Hell think of the results of giving “those people” a classical education. 😉

  3. kishnevi says:

    Or more precisely, giving those durn wominfolk the idea that they should be able to read.

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