Baptist kid suspended from school for going to prom

(AP) — NEW YORKss – An Ohio teenager suspended by his Christian school for attending another high school’s prom says he was caught off guard by his principal’s decision to discipline him.

Tyler Frost says in an interview with the CBS “Early Show” on Tuesday that officials at Heritage Christian School in Findlay took drastic, unnecessary measures.

The fundamentalist Baptist school Ohio forbids dancing, rock music and hand-holding. School officials had warned Frost he would be suspended and prohibited from attending graduation if he went to the dance.

Frost says he doesn’t feel any less Christian for attending the weekend dance.

And of course, he isn’t. But since when is being Christian a matter of “feeling”?
He signed on to certain rules when he chose that school. He was clearly told what the consequences would be for violating them, and he did it anyway. He’s doubtless familiar with the story of the first time that deal went down, and how “My girlfriend really wanted me to” wasn’t going to cut it as an excuse. Now, I’d agree with Frost that it’s a silly rule. But then, I was raised a beer-guzzling Lutheran, and seem to be a Scotch-sippin’ Anglican; I’m definitely NOT a Baptist. Frost probably really isn’t either, and once he leaves Mom ‘n Dad’s, he can figure that out for himself. Until then, suck it up, dude, and quit trying to take your case to the world’s court of public opinion, because that’s not where you settle a dispute between believers, and all you will do is make yourself and your religion look bad.


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