RIP automobiles

Over at LRC, Brent Peterson nails the history of unintended consequences in the auto industry, back to the unholy alliance of Greens and anti-OPEC patriots who put in CAFE standards in ’76, unintentionally creating the SUV, which became the anchor around the neck of GM and Chrysler when gas shot up and the economy tanked. He shows how it could have been (and in Europe, was) different.

As for the current fit of CAFEery, there’s not a whole lot to be gained by holding The One personally responsible. There were rotters from a dozen states going for this, and at least now we’ll have uniformity in what cars can be sold in what states, for what that’s worth. Meanwhile, the Glorious Workers will produce the Lada in the People’s Republic of Michigan, and there’ll doubtless be a waiting list once the Party drives the competition back overseas. But Michigan will belong to the Party forever.


4 Responses to RIP automobiles

  1. John Venlet says:

    The “People’s Republic of Michigan,” sheesh, and I live here, so that means I’ll probably end up in some Michigan gulag as an avowed enemy of the state.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Yeah, well, I grew up there (Croswell-Lexington HS, class of ’74), have parents still there and a sister married to a guy who just retired from GM. I remember when Detroit was somewhere a country kid would actually want to go. Not that Ohio is any better (by the numbers, it’s worse), but I do feel like a refugee.

    Anyway, gulags are so old-fashioned. After they inflate the dollar to Zimbabwean proportions, it’ll be replaced by a new unit of fiat money, useable only via RFID implantation in the hand or forehead. And some people won’t be allowed to get them. Why pay to punish when you can not-pay to punish?

  3. John Venlet says:

    Well, if gulags are so old-fashioned, and RFID fiat money becomes the norm, I guess I’ll be reduced to a life of trade and backyard garden vegetables, if my backyard hasn’t been confiscated that is.

  4. jeffreyquick says:

    “…for nonpayment of taxes”
    We should be so lucky, to be “allowed” to be self-sufficient producers and traders. Isn’t that all we wanted all along? But the means of production have to be made available to all. I’m sure some Zimbabwean war veteran City Year participant can farm your back yard as well as you can.

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