Ravenna Record-Courier imitates the Sacramento Bee

There was a little firestorm in Netland yesterday when the Sacramento Bee editorial page decided to slam their customers because they didn’t vote Tuesday in the way that the SacBee thought they should. Worse, the Bee took their editorial offline and replaced it with a much milder one, with an excuse for the first one  that no one is buying. It would appear that nobody was steering that puppy when it crashed into the iceberg.

But hey, out here in Portage County O-HI-O, we’re just as trendy as those Californicators, yes sir! And our journalists are just as professional. Of course, when they sneak out of the office for some afternoon delight, it’s usually heterosexual, but our soybean farmers are doing their best to change that. Our voters turned down a public health levy for the 31st time, in the face of the eevul scary swine flu, and that was just too much for the R-C, whose readers are masochists who just love being slammed by the hometown paper. They must, as nobody has complained yet about a 2 week old editorial. Either that, or nobody read the thing; I didn’t until just now.  Being manly Midwesterners, the editorial staff probably won’t pull a SacBee on us; we stick by our words out here, even words like “cheapskate”.


One Response to Ravenna Record-Courier imitates the Sacramento Bee

  1. kishnevi says:

    Does Public Health have a bad reputation there? It is a little baffling that those other tax requests were approved and only this one wasn’t. Unless maybe that 10 percent that turned out were all welfare recipients, the other 90 percent being too busy with actual jobs to come by and vote. And even then, they would have approved the PH levy. Especially welfare recipients, since PH is their primary care (assuming it’s like down here).

    But cheapskate was the wrong term. If it was really being cheap, all the taxes would have been defeated.

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