White African-American faces discrimination

Here’s a good example of the sort of poison that “diversity training” causes: a Mozambiquean immigrant of Portuguese ethnicity  was forced to define himself in such a class, and he did so as “a white African American”, which brought a veritable shitstorm on his head. While I’m sympathetic to the guy’s argument (he IS a “white African-American”), you have to pick your battles.  By tenaciously holding onto that definer (when “Mozambiquean-American” is more precise), he caused himself unnecessary pain. People don’t like to be reminded that “African-American” is just a euphemism for “black”. And I have to wonder about the “black European-Americans” out there (or the white ones; does anyone definite themselves that way?) Of course, I’m the guy who marks “human” in the racial identification slot; anything more than that is an invitation to racism. Or if I’m feeling perverse, then “Confederate-American”, which isn’t a racial definition either.


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