Vox on Tiller

Vox Day gets a little, er, excited about the death of George Tiller:

Tiller should have been jailed and had his license revoked for the abortion-related midemeanors he blatantly committed; had justice been done then perhaps he would still be alive. Not that I care, as I wouldn’t shed any more tears for dead abortionists than I would for murdered concentration camp guards. And at his church? What sort of church that calls itself Christian allows a totally unrepentant man with the blood of many children on his hands to attend it?

An ELCA Lutheran Church, the group of whom my sainted Missouri Synod grandmother said, “Why, if they believe that, they aren’t even Chris-tee-an.”. There are probably ELCA congregations where abortion is in stiff competition with coffee as the third sacrament of Lutheranism, and I wasn’t at all surprised to find my surmise confirmed by a 5 minute web search (4 minutes of which was taken by my lousy 26.4K dialup).

But while we’re asking questions, Vox: What kind of Christian applauds the murder of another (presumed) Christian? (Or anyone?) At a church yet? (Shades of Thomas a Becket! “Who will rid me of this troublesome abortionist?”) Tiller and his pastor could both reasonably expect some hard questions of God. But I think that God is capable of taking care of abortionists all by himself, and I see no need to commit murder and desecrate a church to save babies. From what I’ve read, I have nothing good to say about Tiller, and I’m so squishily pro-life as to be barely pro-life at all. But pro-life is pro-life; abortion doesn’t suddenly become permissible at the 271st trimester.

And if Vox is the badass say-it-as-it-is guy he’d like us to believe he is, why do the comments to this blog post not work? A convenient technical malfunction that is.

UPDATE: They’re working now, and how. Mostly celebratory, but there are a few dissenting voices.  I liked this one:

What does Michelson tell his youth group? “Flee tempation, but if you fail, Mr. Tiller will give you a 10% congregational discount?”

Or this:

Having just finished teaching a course on Luther and the Reformation, I think that if Luther had met this man and been told what he does, he would have killed him on the spot-with his bare hands


I’m pro-choice too, just that I choose justice.

And guess which org is listed here as anti-gun:

Lutheran Office for Governmental Affairs, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

George Tiller was a Missouri Synod Lutheran. That’s “was” as in “before they excommunicated him.”


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