“the warranties are backed by President Obama himself!”

–talking head / GM shill, heard on WTAM this AM

So if it’s a lemon, The One will replace it personally?

Well, that’s better than the guy on NPR yesterday who claimed that it was “like treason” not to buy a GM vehicle. “If this be treason, make the most of it!,”  as Patrick Henry said.  I guess it depends whether you owe your allegiance to the Platonic ideal America, or to the Obamanation.


2 Responses to LOL!

  1. rwp says:

    All of this makes me even gladder than usual that I drive a Ford.

  2. James Quick says:

    Yes Fords are a good choice, Roger Smiths sealed
    GM’s fate. Selling out to Daimler was the begining of Chrysler’s demise. And here we are again with a car Tzar running things when he doesn’t know a grill from a spoiler.

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