Not dead yet

I suppose/hope at least one of you might have wondered…

Thursday I started fighting off a bug. Thursday night was dress for the Walsingham mass. Saturday WAS the mass. By that point it was affecting me vocally a little, but that big whump of Holy Spirit from the bishop got me through. The confirmation stirred up interesting stuff…a small fit of “no, you can’t promise that, you’re a miserable sinner who will let God down…” “STFU, you knew what you were getting into…say ‘I do'”. And then the libertarian kneejerk when the bishop told me to “kiss the ring” (it’s the office, not the guy, don’t get personal about it). During Mass I had the Byrd to keep me occupied. I passed on the wine, a bit of a letdown maybe, but I waited 30 years, so waiting for health wasn’t going to kill me. Afterwards all I wanted was to be alone. I did office work until time for the evening gig for the Maison Francaise. And on the late drive home, the cold from Hell finally caught up with me…

I called off sick from church, called off work the next 2 days. I didn’t stay in bed; sunshine is the best disinfectant, so I sat on my ass and weeded. I was back yesterday, and my already behindness has grown to epic proportions. So posts may still be scarce around here. You didn’t want a bummer anyway.


One Response to Not dead yet

  1. kishnevi says:

    Actually, I supposed some combination of end of academic year and agricultural matters was keeping you busy.

    You know, real world stuff.

    sunshine is the best disinfectant
    Chicken soup!

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