Beck on Palin

Of all the people who have expressed a visceral horror-reaction about Sarah Palin, Billy is the only one I’ve seen who is self-aware enough to say why.

Yes, there’s the politics. I do think that Sarah is marginally better than the mainstream of the Republican party. That’s not saying much, or even anything, now that the brand has been thoroughly discredited, to the point where I’d have a hard time voting for Ron Paul because of his (regrettably necessary) association with those folks.

But the “Ewww!” thing was never about politics, any more than the “Oh baby!” thing is. I despise Obama’s politics, but his oiliness doesn’t offend me; snakes are slimy, so why obsess about their sliminess when the main thing is to avoid the fangs? I can well understand the “kindergarten-minder” objection, when put that way. But in the interests of further discussion, let me address the implicit dare he makes here:

I cannot possibly understand anyone who finds her attractive.

…which is a much more extreme statement than “I cannot possibly understand how anyone could find her attractive.” Indeed, it’s almost a statement of epistemological incompetence.

The physical: OK, there’s a bit of middle-age chunkiness there, and her nose might be a little wide for some people (I prefer wide to long), but she’s well put together and well-preserved. Maybe she wouldn’t screw your brains out, but she’d be fun, and safe.

There’s a vibe there that I’ve usually seen in traditional Catholic women, sort of like the “Mother Thing” in Heinlein’s “Have Space Suit, Will Travel”. It’s a warm solidity; after you’ve had 5 kids, nothing much can phase you.

That’s the psychopolitical problem here: by 2012, America is going to be crying “Mommy!”, and America doesn’t need a mommy any more than it needs the daddy it has. Nor does it need a sex goddess, though all things being equal, if I’m going to get screwed, a pretty face behind it doesn’t hurt. It’s amusing that some of the folks who are so disgusted at the MSM dropping trou for Obama ALSO make “Yowser” noises at Palin. If it’s unseemly to jill off while thinking of the President (and it is, and even more to all-but-admit-it), then panting after Palin is just as unseemly. And hey, I’ve been guilty. Having somehow nominated That Man to fall to Obama, Republicans wanted a savior for the party, and Sarah looked like she could fit the bill. But the GOP doesn’t need a savior. It needs to share a hospital room with the Democrats, under the care of Dr. Jack Kavorkian.


3 Responses to Beck on Palin

  1. jeffreyquick says:

    My epistemological incompetence, Billy. It sounded a lot like “You have to be nuckin’ futz to hot up for her.” , though I know you’re generally precise enough with words (in spite of du Twat’s opinion) to see that “cannot understand anyone” means exactly that, with no condemnation intended. So I figured I’d help your understanding, since you’d helped mine with the talk-down riff. And while I might personally, at my sedate age, twig to the “Mother thing” sexually, there is just no effing way I am going to vote with my dick. Though, given what voting is, one could argue that that’s what it was made for.

  2. Billy Beck says:

    Very sharp, J., all the way through.

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