Public assistance

I was catching up with dejablu in Oregon and found a link to this:

MILWAUKIE, Ore. – Although a man was shot by police and died from a bullet wound to the chest, the state medical examiner has ruled his death a suicide because he had cut his own wrists.

According to police, when officers responded to the complex on a welfare call, they found a man bleeding and holding a knife. Police said when the officers ordered the man to freeze, he didn’t, causing them to open fire.

Some neighbors said the man never had a knife but the Milwaukie Police Department stands by their account of what happened.

So, what’s the lamest element of this story?

1. That people in Oregon stole a name for their town and then didn’t spell it right?

2. That cops felt so threatened by a guy who was using a knife on himself that they shot him dead? (“Never bring a knife to a gunfight.”)

3. That the poor trash of Oregon not only can’t earn a living but can’t even kill themselves without government assistance?

4. That the press, when encountering cops who are incompetent at best, don’t even ask questions about what in fact really went down?


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