Paved roads = civilization

When I was a kid, when we hit a paved road after a time on gravel, we’d say, “We’re back to civilization.”

If that’s so, then civilization is retreating in Michigan.


2 Responses to Paved roads = civilization

  1. John Venlet says:


    I noted this story also, and immediately thought of a road in Northern Michigan which leads to a spot on the AuSable River I frequent.

    The road mentioned previously was paved, and then was patched, patched again, again, again and again, which actually made this particular road ride worse than a gravel road.

    Well now this road is gravel once again, due to lack of funds, but it rides much smoother than when it was a paved and patched affair.

    As to whether this means, when traveling this road, I am back in civilization, or leaving civilization, I think for myself it means both. I am definitely leaving civilization when traveling in Northern Michigan, for which I am mostly thankful, but I also consider this a return to civilization, as the reach of the State is somewhat restricted when I am in these norther climes, which to myself leads to a more civilized experience of daily life.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Good point, John
    And I missed the total irony of my very next post, in which “unpavedness” was an excuse for uncivilized behavior by der Finkbeinerf├╝hrer.

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