Whinge of bat

Sandra Davis – High Priestess at the Crystal Cauldron – had reserved Our Lady’s Social Club in Shaw Heath, Stockport for her Pagan group’s Annual Witches’ Ball.
But when she rang to make payment arrangements she was told the event could not be held there and – despite already having printed tickets – another venue must be found.

So of course the hag (yes; look at the picture; she makes Susan Boyle look like Helen of Troy) is charging religious discrimination. Which of course it is, and such discrimination as any religious group has a right to make. Have you ever discussed Catholicism with a Wiccan? I doubt seriously whether a practicing Catholic would be welcomed at the Witches’ Ball.

What’s interesting about this story is what it doesn’t say. We don’t have any real information about the initial contact. One of two things must have happened at that stage: either the church secretary or whoever was making arrangements did not inquire into the nature of the group being rented to, or that group misrepresented themselves. If the first, then the church is clearly in violation of contract, especially if there was a written document (and what kind of batshit-crazy person starts investing in a public event before they have the venue nailed down?), and should just suck it up and take the pagans’ money . I suspect that the latter is actually what happened though. Legally, contract law is a much stronger recourse. One shuts up and hires a lawyer….unless you can’t because you lied about who you were, thus nullifying the contract. At that point, you have no recourse but to resort to the court of public opinion. Well, they could use their Mighty Magical Powers to persuade the church to change their minds, as tradition states the English witches did when Hitler threatened to attack England. But it’s a lot easier to get your picture in the paper with your kewl magical paraphernalia.


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