Preacher Ted wants to cut a deal with the Humane Society

Governor Strickland wants to set up a new bureaucracy to deal with animal welfare issues, in an attempt to take the wind out of HSUS’ attempt to dictate agricultural practices in Ohio. HSUS is having none of it, claiming that such a board would be taken over by the ag industry, which of course is so.

The problem is that HSUS knows it can sell their bill of goods to the Ohio voter, who has no clue about rights (property or animal) and who will vote for whatever sounds good. And voters never find daylight between “good idea” and “should be the law”.  Personally, I object to battery hens; they’re a big reason why I keep chickens. That doesn’t mean I want to stop others from doing so, even though wiping out cheap eggs would make my $2/doz eggs more competitive. I really don’t care about that, because we sell them all. As for farrowing crates, I don’t keep hogs and really have no clue, but from what I’ve read, in terms of animal safety and, yes, cruelty, I suspect they’re the least-bad option.

Personally, I think that HSUS should concentrate on legislation to prevent raccoons from breaking and entering into barns and sealed cages and murdering ducklings, as happened at Black Water Farm last night. I demand justice!  What, you can’t pass or enforce laws on wild creatures? How is it that raccoons have more rights than I do?

And in other farmy news…the keynote speaker at the Family Farm Field Day this year is…Joel Salatin. And I’ll be in Madison. WAAAAAH!


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