Ohio library brouhaha

Breda is out rallying the troops, God bless her. She “gets it” on guns…but like most conservatives, she doesn’t “get” AmSoc. And she sees a nice juicy piece of Loin of Breda there in the Cannibal Pot, and it’s hers, damnit, and she’ll fight off anyone who dares to dip their ladle anywhere near. I’m sympathetic; I’d “like” for cuts to come from some other program, and even though I don’t directly use public libraries and work for a private college, this still affects me because of OhioLink. But that preference doesn’t mean I have a right to ANY of it.

I called her out in her comments:

I’d be a lot more sympathetic if I heard protests from patrons rather than library staff and administrators, or if they weren’t wringing their hands over peripheral services like materials for the blind or Internet access for “urban outdoorsmen”. Fact: there will be cuts. Certainly, library cuts should be proportionate to everyone else’s, and they aren’t. Anything that will cut OhioLink services hurts me personally.

Personally, professionally, I think that libraries are one of the least cuttable things. But we’re all standing around the cannibal pot, and once we’ve accepted the premise that “what’s mine is yours” (which IS the premise behind taxpayer funding of libraries), we don’t get any more say than anyone else. And who are we to say that reading books for free is a more important service than paying for cheesesuckers like my common-law-stepdaughter-in-law to download Child #5 (as she just has), or making sure that Portage Co. is meth-free, or or or… It’s all stolen money, and every public librarian is IN PRACTICE a socialist. If you wonder why so many people in our profession are leftists, it’s because they’re honest enough to admit who butters their bread. How bad would it be if people had to throw a quarter into a turnstile to enter the library, or pay a buck to borrow a book? “Free” public libraries aren’t a right; they’re something instituted by a rich bastard steel magnate, because he thought thats where his excess money would do the most good.


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