Democrats seek to seize park in Brookville OH

“I am against the Tea Party coming to our park,” Charlotte Szabo said at the Tuesday, June 2, City Council meeting. “That is our park and I don’t want them in our park.”
Szabo’s objections to the event stemmed from her opinion that the event’s organizers held Republican Party viewpoints.
“This is not a Democratic or Republican event,” Mayor Dave Seagraves said. “They are people who want a voice calling for smaller government.”

Well, she’s right; it’s “their” park. After all, I can’t plow it up and plant taters there, as I could if it were my park. But as long as we’re going to honor this fiction of collective ownership, the collective that Szabo belongs to  is known as “the people of Brookville”, and they have the right to rally there for redress of grievances.


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