Sauce for the gander

You know, it’s really hard to feel sorry about this: California woman has a fundraiser for a Democrat Congressbitch-wannabe, somebody calls the cops about noise (at 9:33…c’mon, it’s barely dark then…and the guy obviously had issues…not to mention that the cops ruined any chance he may have had to sleep). Cop gets needlessly confrontational, and soon there’s pepper spray, 2 arrests, 8 cruisers and a helicopter.

Busby wants an investigation. Good; there needs to be one. But Busby needs to take a stand in her campaign against militarization of the police. More to the point: the threat of such violence is what enables her entire platform. It’s about time she and her toney buds got a taste of the police state, and decided honestly whether they want it anymore. The one bright spot is that Abbott’s ham is sure to be in a sling over an attack on the politically connected, unlike what happens when the Susine-Americans go after those of us who are less equal.

Thank you, Mr. Balko.

UPDATE: Maggie’s Farm (HT: Right Wing Nation) has a slightly different take on what went down, emphasizing Barman-and-guests non-cooperation and Busby’s loony politics (even for California). So apparently they “got the government they deserved”, in the Mencken sense.


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