iPod lobotomy

There are reasons I haven’t been posting much. I’m very busy at work with some projects, and at home I’m trying to catch up the garden, direct Hiram Community Band, and get my face ready for Madison a week from now. But mostly, I’ve been depressed. The world is so screwed up that I don’t want to hear about it.  And when I do… Last night, I saw a picture from Iran. I’m not going to link to it, for your own good and mine, but let’s say that it was the aftermath of the Basiji literally behaving like dogs, a most Islamic thing to do. And I felt absolutely hopeless in a world where anyone would do that in the name of religion.

I pray. Most of my prayers are emotional and inchoate, “God, make them STOP IT!”  When I get calmer and pull it together, I pray for the conversion of Iran, because that’s the only think that I think will ultimately work. And I’m sure some of you more rationalist types out there think I’m nuts. But, consider:

1. Correct or not, if religion gets me through this, do you get an opinion?

2. It has been quite some time since Christians tortured in the name of religion (sorry, lefties, Gitmo isn’t about religion).

3.  Do you have a better idea? Is there any other overarching idea that is likely to put an end to violence?

I also find that I’m very fragile about listening to music. I can’t listen to my usual medieval/Renaissance stuff. Phrygian cadences make me twitchy, and I get reminded that the Luge to Lucifer stops at Dark Ages Station. Modern music is right out. I have to be careful about bluegrass; a good fiddle tune is fine, but if there’s words about divorce or sin, forget that. Polkas are very reliable: fast and happy. So I’m listening to stupid 3 chord music with stupid words, because somehow it helps.  And a bit of Koechlin, who also tends toward innocence. La la la, I can’t hear you…


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