After the circus

Mr. Beck passes on this charming allegory for the recent festivities.

I directed a local community band for the first time this year. There’s a tradition, you know, so of course we had the usual patriotic music and ended with the Star-Spangled Banner. But we also did “See the USA in Your Chevrolet” as “a tribute to GM”. That was as subversive as I dared get, first year, and maybe as far as anyone should go. We’ll see how the program mix develops, if any of us are here next year. The gig went pretty well; people enjoyed my “local march”, “The Hi! in Hiram”, and the members thought I did a pretty good job overall. Working with non-auditioned amateurs is tricky: you want to keep standards high, but you can’t do it by going “full-auto” on them, because they’ll leave. Figuring that out is definitely a work-in-progress, and I hope we’ll do better next year.

Meanwhile, here in the ‘hood, people celebrated with fireworks and ‘shine, and prolly some other drugs too. That’s the way to celebrate Independence Day: by breaking the law.

Then there was that curious act by Mrs. Palin. She talked to God about it, but God hasn’t let me know what’s going on. (On the upside, He doesn’t share our conversations with Mrs. Palin either.) The corner of me that seeks a political messiah (like the poor dolts who asked the real One, “When will the kingdom be restored to Israel?”) wants to believe that she realized that, in terms of fixing what’s broken, politics is a total non-starter. Somehow, I doubt that; you don’t get to be governor without faith in the system. But then, Saul of Tarsus was pretty highly-placed, too. I wish the woman well, in any case. Russ at Ace wants to steer her between Ron Paul and McCain, with plenty of disrespect for both. Over there, they think there’s still a Republican brand worth salvaging. Now all we need to do is to wait for Obama to ruin the Democrat brand.

In Cleveland, it’s already shot. The local Journal of Bourgeois Marxist Culture covers (if anything could cover that bulk) my wife’s class president Jimmy Dimora and the county reform plan, which is portrayed as a Plain Dealer plot to foist evil Republicans on us. Dimoron is his usual paranoid self:

I don’t think the Democratic Party has anything to do with any of this. That’s been The Plain Dealer’s spin on things. ‘We’ll make the perception that the Democratic Party has ruined county government,’ which is totally ridiculous. Just because I’m party chairman and a county commissioner?”

Well, duh. County government is ruined. It’s been run by Democrats forever. QED

I’m not convinced by the reform plan though. I have a better one: scrap the present structure and replace it with…nothing. Seriously, the only purpose in having a county is to provide justice services to unincorporated areas. Are there any such in Cuyahoga? If there are, could they partner with nearby communities for law enforcement?

“The county exists to do things that cities don’t want to do or cannot do themselves,” says [planning commission director Paul] Alsenas,

So maybe some things are better left undone… like feeding and breeding monsters like these.

Enough insomniac talk already….


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