from the People’s Commissar for Sexual Enlightenment

The Cleveland Journal of Bourgeois Marxist Culture has taken umbrage at abstinence-based sex ed, in an article entitled “CAN WE TAKE GOD OUT OF SEX ED, PLEASE?”

In her final comment, the only sincere-sounding statement in the entire interview, Huber reveals more than she probably intended: “Teens receive all the information necessary [from abstinence education] to make a good decision regarding their sexual health.” In other words, they get all the information people like Huber believe they should get, in order to make the decision that people like Huber want them to make.

Any sex ed that goes beyond the science of reproduction and reproductive health is similarly prejudiced. Frank Lewis doesn’t want God in sex ed; doesn’t that lead teens to make decisions that Lewis wants them to make?  The problem is in having a state monopoly on education, and using that to teach values. But is abstinence-ed per se a bad thing? Lewis says it’s ineffective. That’s because it’s facing down a cultural tsunami pushed by people like Frank Lewis. If it was so ineffective, then it’s a good thing we aren’t stuck with the illigitimacy and VD rates of the 1950s, right?

Consider this:

Whatta we gonna tell your mama
Whatta we gonna tell your pa
Whatta we gonna tell our friends when they say “ooh-la-la” …
We fell asleep, our goose is cooked, our reputation is shot

The interesting thing about the Everly Brothers “Wake up, little Susie” is that the trouble is more widespread than breaking a parental curfew. There’s a societal rule involved as well…anyone sleeping together all night is obviously sexually active, and that’s a bad thing. There’s peer pressure for chastity. Can you imagine these lyrics in a hit song nowadays? (I’d love to hear a hip-hop group do a cover of this, but you know they’d only do it ironically.)

Hey, I’m a veteran of the sexual revolution, and have the battle scars (2 failed marriages, etc.) to prove it. I was born the year before “Wake up, little Susie” came out, and hit puberty somewhere between the Summer of Love and Kent State. So I’ve seen some history and some changes…which I suspect Lewis has not. Dissing the abstinence message shows a certain lack of perspective and maturity. Neither of us gets a vote on whether any individual is sexually active, though we’d offer different advice.  But the tone is a bit like those Communist countries in which everything not forbidden was mandatory.


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