Madison Early Music Festival, again

Here I am in pink-green heaven. I’m not sure I’ll blog this in the same detail I did last time, but it seems like I should made some random notes.

The trip up was brutal: about 12 hrs. of driving, part in rain. I totally avoided Metro Chicago; it would probably have been the same time for more aggravation. Chicago via radio (except of course for WFMT and a bit of an EWTN station) was bad enough; found no Rush, just Al Sharpton and a “progressive” talk network (glad somebody’s doing it). Ate lunch at the Cracker Barrel in Elkhart, where the waiter tried to make up for not being there to take my order by schmoozing me about music.

The dorm is fairly nice: recent construction, 6 stories, basic cable, internet, fridge and air. After I hauled all my crap up, I went out to buy groceries. My trip to the Willy St. Co-op was much  easier (though just as confusing) as last time (since this time I knew to drive.). I wanted to buy local, not so much because I’m a locavore, but because if you’re going on vacation, why eat the same crap you eat at home? Dairy is of course big here, and the co-op was well-stocked with non-homogenized and raw products. I didn’t buy milk as I’m not much of a milk drinker, but 2 raw milk cheeses and some whole-milk yogurt, as I know that breakfast will include Babcock Hall milk, and U-W considers butterfat too precious to give to Food Service in the guise of milk…at least last time the only milk available was bowdlerized. And then I had to go to Copps for produce and beer. So dinner was smoked trout, cheese, Essene bread, sweet cherries and a bottle of New Glarus Fat Squirrel.

Internet setup was child’s play.

It’s 9:50, Ohio time, and twilight. I’ll fart around online a little longer, and hit the sack.


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