New guest at Black Water Farm


I didn’t get to this last week because of the preps to go, but this wether (mostly Alpine with a little Boer) joined BWF on Monday. He’s about 3 months old. The place we bought him from ($25) announced “Kids for sale”, and we were greeted by a whole passel of the 2-legged kind, so I was a bit confused.

In honor of his vocal endowments and lack of another endowment, I’d be tempted to call him Senesino or Farinelli. But he’s Rusty’s goat, so he’s Thursday. His job description involves eating brush, being cute, and eventually being meat.

My father is very concerned about potential destructive abilities, but so far, he’s been no problem at all. He was a bit vocal the first night, and won’t take to being staked and left alone. But he does eat poison ivy, and his fences have been holding him.


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