“Take me home, I hate Granada…”

The bed was comfortable, and room layout nicely done. But it’s a dorm. There’s no light near the bed, fridge sounds like a herd of elephants when it turns on, light pours through the bottom of the door. A thunderstorm came through, and it sounded like oceans of water were pouring off the building (doubtless exactly what was happening). And I miss my wife. I woke up just before 5, which is not unusual for me. But that’s 4 Central. And there’s NO COFFEE! There’s complimentary coffee in another building, and there will be for breakfast, but that’s not until 8:30, body time.

Well, I guess I’ll clean me and the room, and plan out the day.

“Wait a minute…it’s stopped raining.
Guys are shawming, guys are wailing,
Playing sackbut…gee, that’s bettuh,
Muddah, faddah, kindly disregard this lettuh.”

UPDATE: It turned out that the free coffee was on the 1st floor of this building, which is a much more doable proposition. And now that brekkie is in Gordon Commons (and quite good, I might add), there is “real” milk (i.e., homogenized milk with the minimum butterfat content to be called “whole milk”). I needed to correct the misinformation above, so people wouldn’t think that U-W isn’t taking care of us…they are. Downstairs coffee is nondescript (but “free trade”) machine coffee, Gordon Hall is very potent Starbucks.


One Response to “Take me home, I hate Granada…”

  1. rwp says:

    That’s a benefit of being in a dairy state, same here. Elsewhere, the closest thing to real milk in food establishments is 2%, but you can get whole here. The disadvantage is that you have to pay price supports, etc.

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