Madison, Morning 2

We got underway yesterday afternoon with an All-Festival rehearsal; we’re doing chunks of La Pellegrina, the Florentine intermedio of 1589. Beforehand, Mike Allsen (standup guy, scholar and sackbut player) did a lecture on the intermedi and the Medici. Paul Flight was his usual efficient self, and took care over apportioning the parts in choir. There are apparently 5 ‘butt players: Mike and Bill Baylis from last time, then this woman eupher who picked up a Meinl on Ebay last year and a Japanese trombonist from Milwaukee who got his sackbut 2 weeks ago. He and I are doubling in All-Festival and aren’t unanimous about where certain notes are (mostly B and C).  We’ll work it out.

Mike, Mo and I went with Laura Kuhlman and her hubby Rich to dinner and caught up on gossip, musical and personal.

The Piffaro concert last night was fine, but very strange…it was organized around the modes and planets. Very heady, ritualistic, and low-key; lots of voices, little shawm band stuff. Party at the student union afterwards…had a few munchies and a beer and went home.

I bought a reed case and a lyre which I hope will work for marching shawm band. Also got computer speakers so that I can take full advantage of Naxos Music Library. Meanwhile, my watch is dying…probably just the battery, but I have no time to deal with it right now. Maybe I’ll pick a new one up if the drug store has one, or do without…I’m dubious about popping the back with just a Swiss Army knife.

Real classes begin at 8:30. I feel odd about church. There a 7AM Tridentine mass in town, but that’s cutting it close to get back (and no breakfast). And class tends to interfere with later services. I’m sorry, Lord, that I’m such a putz. I haven’t been free for the music library’s hours, but there’s a list of things I want to look at.


One Response to Madison, Morning 2

  1. kishnevi says:

    a lecture on the intermedi and the Medici
    [loud Marx Brothers splat]
    Did he throw in any intermedici?

    I’m sorry, Lord, that I’m such a putz
    You shouldn’t be apologizing, He should be, for not arranging at least one time suitable mass. After all, He’s the one that made you a musician, so why shouldn’t he want you to use the talent?

    About the watch: just think of going watchless as deepening the medieval experience.

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