More Madison

Things are going quite well here. I’ve been playing Laura’s Robinson F shawm in loud band, and am now making music. We have a couple things working up for the participant concert. Dulcians are going well. Sackbuts are mostly working intonation, which is a good thing, but not a real issue of technique per se. I’ve done a bit of copying in the library, and bought a bunch of Baroque recorder music from Honeysuckle Music (which is set up here).

Tues. night’s Quicksilver concert was lovely, esp. a Fontana sonata for 2 violins and harpsichord which shimmered in the air. Tempi in the Castello works were really faster than the sackbut can play (not the player, Greg Ingles, who can play anything, but the limits of the instrument itself) But I was really too tired to enjoy it, and left before the last number.

We had last night off, and I went out exploring for a place to buy a new watch. I found a Wal-Mart a couple miles out on the outerbelt, and picked up a Casio, and found some places I might want to eat at. There are a number of tacquerias around here. There seems to be a big immigrant population…the dorm’s anti-contagion posters were in English, Spanish, and…a language I could not identify, except that it used Roman letters and liked odd double consonants. Oddly, I find that I’m thoroughly tired of State St. and the whole campus/downtown scene; the same Disneyland that charmed me so two years ago is now a Disneyland for dummies.

Here’s Bob and Laura, before dulcian class:
MEMF091 001web.jpg


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