Winding down

Last day of class yesterday…today is dress for participant concert, which is at 1, then all-festival rehearsal, then Venere Lute Quartet concert. Tomorrow is pretty slack…all-festival dress, then the concert, then party. Bob wants to rally all troops to read some dulcian quintets then.

I ate too much…a big burrito at lunch, then Indian at night.

The faculty concert was nice, but again, I was too tired to really enjoy it. Mike and Moto invited me to join them for a beer afterwards, but I had to decline. In bed by 10 local, but then I was awake at 4…”Oh no, you don’t”, I screamed at my body and then laid back down until 5:45.

There’s more chaos downstairs…it’s “Grandparents University” and there are grandparents and kids down there…fortunately not on this floor. I and a certain faculty member waded through them while discussing the similarity of deer to rats; every time I’m ready to assume that early musicians are Obamabots, they surprise me by thinking for themselves. But then, if we didn’t think for ourselves, we’d be playing Beethoven and Chopin instead of a large chunk of a pastoral opera by a composer I’d never heard of (2nd half of faculty concert).

I miss my wife.

I see that Susan Estrogen will need a new job … perhaps at a small-town radio station where she can learn the basics of journalism.


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