Madison wrap-up

As Mike Allsen said, “This is the album cover”:


This is the MEMF 09 Loud Band, taken after the Saturday All-Festival concert. L to R, F: Joan Kimball, Bob Wiemken (dulcians)
rear: Michael Allsen, me (not tickling the neck of:), Laura Kuhlman, Judyth Swingen, Bill Bayliss, Greg Ingles, Priscilla Smith, Fletcher Coolidge. On the steps: Motoake Kashino.

The concert went pretty well. I had an Unnamed Performer Spouse smuggle my Mini-Disc in(unnamed because I don’t know if management would have an attitude about that…MEMF should make recordings of at least the participant concerts available to students, as Amherst does. This one was being recorded anyway). So far, I’ve only listened on my car speakers, but it was pretty decent overall. In between halves of the Intermedi, we had “Jean Baptiste Julie” (Andrijeski) using her best Historically Informed Conducting Technique on a Lully suite (no, she didn’t hit herself with the staff.)

Nice party afterwards. I played with the polka band, by ear, and didn’t crap over everything too badly, and seemed to be appreciated. It was good for $9 worth of free beer, anyway.

The garden was in pretty good shape when I returned, except for weeds, many of which were dispatched yesterday between bouts of car repair / maintenance. Still behind there, and definitely behind here at work, so party pixies will have to wait.


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