NPR listener: we’ve all been smart since 1/20/09

Coupla nights ago, National Propaganda Radio had a little piece about the end of the Mayan calendar. It was pretty fluffy, but then, if the networks aren’t doing real news, why should NPR? Yesterday, they read a letter complaining about it as giving air time to New Age superstition. It ended, “I thought we’d left that behind on January…” and I thought “…1st, 2000”, which was the last time we had Apocalypse Fever. But no, it was “January 20th”. Evidently the advent of The One has ushered in a new age of rationality and science. Yeah, sure…

I didn’t much mind the story…I haven’t been listening to NPR much as they are so far in-the-tank for Obamacare that they’re drowning. As for the Mayan calendar, my grandfather’s people were/are Community of Christ (formerly Reorganized Latter Day Saints), and it would be an amusing vindication of sorts if it turned out to be a leftover bit of prophecy from Nephite times. Mostly, though, I think, “My datebook ends on January 31, 2010!~ We’re all gonna DIE!!!!”


One Response to NPR listener: we’ve all been smart since 1/20/09

  1. kishnevi says:

    If it’s any comfort–my Hebrew/English calendar program (which converts dated between systems) goes past the year 10000. I’m not sure how far forward it actually goes–I just got tired clicking it decade by decade. (The beginning date is the introduction of the Gregorian calendar.) I do have a suspicion that it won’t really matter to me how much further it goes than that 🙂

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