Latest on Dorothy Richardson

…the 75 year old woman accused of beating a fawn to death with a shovel. There’s been an article on her arraignment, with a picture, and I said, OMG! She’s black!” (Why this should have surprised me, considering that it’s Euclid, is a question I am meditating upon.) So of course I had the evil thought: “Of course, it’s all racism.”

It turns out that the same thought occurred to George Forbes, local head of the NAACP:

Dorothy Richardson, 75, was treated differently by Euclid officials because she is black, NAACP President George Forbes said Friday.

“It’s a goddamn deer,” Forbes said. “It’s not a human being, it’s a deer. The way this lady is being treated is unfair.”

Euclid officials have not been impartial with Richardson, he said.

“It’s typical Euclid,” Forbes said. “It’s what they do in Euclid.”

Personally, I think it’s a lot more about class than race, as such things often are. But I never thought I’d see the day when I was agreeing with and cheering on the slimy, race-baiting Forbes.

In related (?) news, the black bear that has been wandering around Streetsboro tore a chunk out of somebody’s house. If that had been my place, I’d have been out there with shotgun slugs. Tell me, why is it that when homo sapiens invades your house, you have a right to shoot them, but when ursus americanus does so, it’s supposed to be protected?

UPDATE: I evidently inspired Beck to look into this.

There’s another similar mob going on about a 20 year old (now former) employee of Petland who drowned two injured rabbits, had her manager take a picture of her holding them, and then put it on Facebook, where PETA et al found it. She and the manager both got canned, which one can’t complain about since there’s a corporate policy against employees euthanizing animals. I even understand why they closed the franchise; it’s overkill, but I can see how it might be necessary PR (esp. if the branch was not doing well and was expendable)

What I don’t understand is the howling mob demanding to do things to a particular homo sapiens that they would not for a minute countenance being done to any other animal. It’s an odd kind of moral inversion. Other species get to be as cruel as they want to other species, and that’s just business as usual, but let a human do it, and the Iron Maiden is way too kind.


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