ELCA goes queer

It’s not enough to commune with known abortionists; now they’re fixing to hire open and actively gay pastors, as long as they’re in a “lifelong monogamous relationship.” So does pastor get fired if he’s caught at the bathhouse, even if his partner consents?

Opponents of the statement argue that adopting the statement would constitute abandonment of Scripture, as the Bible does not support homosexual behavior. Supporters, however, say the document maintain that it is consistent with the biblical command to care for one’s neighbor and build trusting relationships.

So, do I have a Biblical mandate to caringly give my neighbor an orgasm if she needs one? Hmmm, maybe I should have stayed “Lutheran”; I could have saved all that pagan wandering-in-the-wilderness back when I was too big a horndog to accept God’s Law. Maybe I don’t need the scare quotes around “Lutheran”; Unca Marty thought that priestly celibacy was optional too, Get started with heresy, and there’s just no end.

I don’t imagine we’ll see an ECUSA-style breakup, though we might see some larger LCMS congregations.

UPDATE: They done did it, thanks to “thinking” like this:

Sara Gross of the Oregon Synod said some “dear members” of the church will be lost if the resolution passes. But, she said, “A vote to reject this recommendation sends a message to the world saying ‘not all are welcome.'”

Hmmm, well, let’s not let any spiritual problem at all be an impediment to serving as clergy. Kleptomania, alcoholism, a fixation on touring the country proclaiming that ‘God hates fags’ –yeah, anything’s OK, because if we don’t hire the pastor because he’s a drunk, it sends a message that drunks aren’t welcome.

Gays (and drunks, thieves and Fred Phelps) need to be welcomed to the Church. That doesn’t mean telling them that gay behavior is OK. Clue by four: NONE OF OUR BEHAVIORS ARE OK! The urge to screw another guy is no worse than the urge to plank the hottie in the back pew, and there’s no reason why gay people shouldn’t be pastors. But a person who (heterosexually) philanders openly and says it’s because “God made me this way” has effectively given up the battle against sin, and is in no position to lead that battle. Nor is a gay person who insists that gay sex is OK in such a position.


2 Responses to ELCA goes queer

  1. rwp says:

    There are Lutheran churches all over here (more than in Indiana, certainly), but I’ve noticed that none of them indicates which specie it is, either on the sign or in the Yellow Pages.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Here, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. And ELCA is less likely than the others to do so.
    I suppose that if you really wanted to know, you could look online:

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