Bedwetter travel writer: don’t let the door to Arizona hit you on the way out

Arthur Frommer (the name means “pious” in German) has decided that the state of Arizona is just too nasty and dangerous to enter, because the people there are allowed to carry guns in public, oh the horror! You’d think he could deal with it, given that Uncle Sam himself trained Frommer in their use. But that was pre-AR15, and he doesn’t seem to have realized that the civilian-use version is not auto-fire and thus not in any accurate sense an “assault rifle”. And those civilians were carrying somewhat in proximity to Frommer’s Lord, which only compounds the horror.

“I am not yet certain whether I would advocate a travel boycott by others of the state of Arizona,” he says, thus advocating a boycott while giving himself plausible deniability. Well, “I am not yet certain whether I would advocate a boycott of certain travel writers.” But if Frommer actually thinks that AZ is more dangerous than NYC (where he has lived, and perhaps lives now), one has to question the accuracy of any information on personal safety that he would give to a traveller. And Arizona is, I’m sure, better off without anyone who would follow his advice.


3 Responses to Bedwetter travel writer: don’t let the door to Arizona hit you on the way out

  1. rwp says:

    Speaking of, Judgement at Nuremberg is going to be on the MGM Channel this Friday, if you get it.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    No, we have very minimalist cable, as we aren’t much for watching the tube.
    Or was Frommer “only following orders”?

  3. kishnevi says:

    Not totally sure, but I think he’ll also need to advocate a boycott of Florida if he wants to be consistent.
    In his defense, he seems alarmed by the prospect of armed thugs at political rallies. Either the idea that people use those things in day to day life for self defense has not occurred to him, or he’s not upset by that idea. I’ll leave it to you to decide which is more probable.
    Out of the first eight comments, five were pro guns and one was sort of pro gun (yes to gun rights, but it’s a bad idea to bring them to Presidential events–which was the AllahPundit take on HotAir, btw).

    To be perfectly honest, I always found Fodor more useful than Frommer anyway.

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