That was my response when my wife told me the news. No, I’m not either going to Hell. Why not celebrate the kindness of death to a suffering Christian?

I believe in a God who can forgive all sin…drunkenness, manslaughter, advocacy of covetousness and baby-killing, theft. And by all public appearances, Edward Kennedy believed in that same God, so we must assume he has his place in Heaven. As the prey of the “Lion of the Senate” (thanks, Rush!), I might have an unholy personal desire to see Teddy burn in Hell, but I can forgive.  I believe that, when the aeons roll on and Teddy finally leaves Purgatory, he’ll be greeted at the Pearly Gates by Mary Jo Kopechne. To watch that encounter would almost be worth the price of admission.

And for all those who might find this snark a little tepid, Beck delivers a proper eulogy.

UPDATE:  Memories of Teddy in his prime.


One Response to YIPPEEEEE!!!!!

  1. […] As for Mary Jo–presuming she’s in Heaven, I rather suspect that she’s got more important, and more pleasant, things to think of than whatever misdeeds were inflicted on her by those behind her in the admission queue . And Divine Justice may think it appropriate that she be the one to give him the orientation tour. We Jews know that God has a strange sense of humor. […]

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