We need a Godwin’s Law for 9/11

mattizcoop It feels a bit like 9/11 on Martha’s Vineyard. End-of-summer weather is achingly beautiful but the mood is melancholy because of Teddy

Yes, Teddy Kennedy being dead feels like watching the towers crumbling over and over again. It feels like being stuck on a bus in Public Square because TPTB are afraid to run the Rapid underneath Terminal Tower, even though the parking spot is within fry distance of any jet hitting Terminal Tower. Ted dead is like being able to get no info through the Internet because everyone in the country is doing the same thing. It’s like living near an airport and not hearing any planes for 3 days, then freaking when you finally do. It’s like worrying about NYC friends. And that’s just how it was for somebody safe in the Flyover.

If Kennedy dying really were like 9/11, it would have been sudden. And his Senate seat would be empty for years.

I don’t know who Matt Cooper is — besides a dickwad — but Kathryn Jean Lopez seems to assume I know.


One Response to We need a Godwin’s Law for 9/11

  1. jceyes says:

    I like the sentiment and the headline, but was this really a well chosen example? Try Giuliani.

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