Last Mass at St. Procop

They’ve closed the old Czech parish… and Bishop Lennon, the hatchet man himself, was there to celebrate Mass. I don’t know what to think of that. They didn’t have a priest there. It was good of him to man up, put himself on the spot and take responsibility. But in another sense it was just rubbing salt in the wounds. And all the security was a little distasteful.

This is telling:

A choir, accompanied by organ, trumpets, guitars and drums, filled the majestic Byzantine Romanesque structure, rich in sacred art, stained-glass windows and glorious ceiling medallions. The old church, with paint peeling from its walls and ceiling, hadn’t seen such liveliness in decades.

With that lineup, you can bet they weren’t doing Palestrina. The incongruence between the building and the music is pretty stunning.


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