H-S Precision: as of May, still dickwads

Via Breda, a link to this oldish Atomic Nerds piece about an interaction with the folks at H-S Precision, who I discussed here. Good piece, but the money quote is in the comments:

Hyman Roth:

Leave aside the whole murder/manslaughter issue.

I just read Jess Walter’s “Ruby Ridge”. Dead-eye Lon shot at Randy Weaver under the shoot-on-sight R.O.E., and only wounded him.

Then Lon shot at Kevin Harris, resulting in a wound instead of a kill.

Later, he claims to have been firing at Kevin Harris when he shot Vicki Weaver in the head.

That’s 0 for 3.

From a shooting skills perspective, how does this performance justify an endorsement for a precision-marksmanship product?

I looked around the Net a little to see if there was any more recent bad news, but I didn’t find any. As Billy said, they might as well torch the place.


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