Bristol’s babbydaddy blathers BS

First, let’s stipulate: Levi Johnston has no credibility. That being said, some of what he has to say misses the point.

There wasn’t much parenting in that house. Sarah doesn’t cook, Todd doesn’t cook—the kids would do it all themselves: cook, clean, do the laundry, and get ready for school. Most of the time Bristol would help her youngest sister with her homework, and I’d barbecue chicken or steak on the grill.

Big families work that way, especially families where children are actually expected to grow up and take care of themselves in the world.

Sarah told me she had a great idea: we would keep it a secret—nobody would know that Bristol was pregnant. …I think Sarah wanted to make Bristol look good, and she didn’t want people to know that her 17-year-old daughter was going to have a kid.

Well, duh, in proper families of my generation (even those not involved in politics), out-of-wedlock pregnancy was something you kept as quiet as possible, because it was physical proof of immorality. All this proves is that the Palins have more class and decency than Levi Johnston…who is just another hick jock who knocked up his girlfriend. And if his girlfriend hadn’t been the daughter of the Governor of Alaska, nobody would care. You’d think, Levi, for the sake of one you once professed to love, that you would shut your piehole, because every time you open it, you confirm again what a horrible lapse of taste Bristol had in letting you inside of her.

UPDATE: Now he’s talking about posing nude. And they say that now he’s a gay icon. I don’t understand why; I thought gays were attracted to men.


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