Who are Akron Voices for Animals?

The Liz Carlisle bunny-drowning case wends its way through the courts of state and of public opinion. She was excused from a pre-trial hearing because of death threats against her, and her lawyer said that “she has been relocated.” That sounds like cruelty to an animal to me, but as Napoleon the Pig said, “Some animals are more equal than others.”

One of the commenters made an interesting observation: there seems to be no sign of the group Akron Voices for Animals except in connection with this case. I looked too, and aside from Elinor/Eleanor (which is it, R-C? Apparently Elinor, per the Web) Israel’s signature line, there’s no evidence that such a group exists. There’s no website, no announcement of meetings…it’s just something she made up to make it sound like she had a movement behind her. That tradition in politics goes back at least to the 70s, so maybe I shouldn’t be hard on her. I’ve seen enough of it in the neo-pagan community. But certainly the Record-Courier should have followed up with some questions about AVA.

Bur since they didn’t, let’s look at Fair Elinor, shall we?
8/7 Letter to the editor re proposals to regulate farming in Ohio
7/9 looking for shelter for rescued cats, uses AVA byline. More about her participation here.

That’s about it. Not a big record of activism, before this case.
There’s an Elinor R. and an Elinor N. in Akron, both age 57.
She kept her nose pretty clean in Summit County. There’s a personal injury civil case from 1990 by Elinor R. and Edward J, of 205 Shawnee Path, Akron, against Cassandra R. Murray, which was dismissed without prejudice. Nothing in Portage either. She apparently has nothing to do with KSU or the University of Akron.

Oh my, here’s some paydirt, a kind of liberal Facebook:

If I were Mayor, I’d make the world a better place by: Free all animals by cl;osing down the factory farms, fur farms and any other places that abuse and kill animals. If I were Queen of the World everyone would be vegan!

And a big list of organizations she’s part of as of 1/8/09…not including AVA. Yes, she’s married, with grandkids. Funny, she didn’t look that old in the picture. She probably say it was the vegan diet; I’d say it was Lady Clairol and a distant shot.


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