UK Boy Scouts: burnt toast

Evidently, British Scouts are only to handle knives at meetings “at specific need”, with the knives held at other times by Scout leaders. As usual, rank and file leaders think this is nuts:

Troops leaders however have said the decision is “very sad”. Sheila Burgin, from 4th Sevenoaks Scout Group in Kent, said: “Scouts by law are allowed to have Swiss army knives. I think this is going too far – you just don’t know when a Scout will need a knife.
It is also suggested that the leader keeps control of the knives when they go camping, but I think that is completely wrong. The first Scout Law is ‘The Scout is to be trusted’. Scouts love having knives and using them properly. There is nothing wrong with it.”

The knife is the most basic of all tools. The difference between man and animal is that man uses tools to modify his environment. How is a Scout to interact with the wild effectively without a knife? And if a Scout cannot be trusted with sharp objects, who can? What is the point of being a Scout anymore? I mean, aren’t there gangs where you can learn more about honor and survival?
New Kenyan Scout alternative-energy project: dig up Lord Baden-Powell’s corpse and hook it to a generator.


One Response to UK Boy Scouts: burnt toast

  1. ironandfire says:

    That’s outragous! If I had to turn in my knife at the end of every scout meeting, I’d’ve gone mad! This is only a small example of why this world is heading down a slippery slope. I say let the boys have knives, and plenty of them!!!

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