Shooting-war sitrep: Owosso MI

A pro-life protester was gunned down in a drive-by shooting.

Mlive/Flint Journal helpfully publishes the victim’s entire legal history, as if to say “He deserved it”. Out of the 18 items, 7 were dismissed or not prosecuted, and only 3 were actual moral crimes. And the most recent was 2003. They also have to let us know that he lived in “a modular home park”, which is I suppose better than calling him “trailer trash” outright.

The same perp (who is in custody) earlier killed a gravel pit owner (for unknown motives.)

UPDATE 3:04: Perp is 33, a trucker, lives in an apartment building, may have driven for the gravel pit owner.  This may have been a rather non-ideological crime: guy was mad at Fuoss and killed him, then saw Pouillon, felt irritated and figured “after the first, the rest are free.”  That’s just a guess; we’ll see.

UPDATE 3:48:

The Shiawassee County Prosecutor’s office has charged Harlan J. Drake, 33, of Owosso with two counts of first-degree, premeditated murder in Friday’s slaying of an anti-abortion activist in Owosso and an Owosso Towship gravel pit owner.

County Prosecutor Randy Colbry said Drake also had plans to kill an Owosso realtor but was arrested before he could carry out his alleged plan….Colbry said Drake had grudges against all three men.

Sounds like a personal thing, not an ideological one.

UPDATE 10PM: So much for that thought:

Harlan Drake has told police that he was “offended” by Pouillon’s anti-abortion messages.

And he’s a fat slob…and a CCW holder…and married, at least for now.

UPDATE 9/16: And he was on anti-depressants … maybe the real culprit here.


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