Down on the farm

Here are a few additions to Black Water Farm:
That’s the new greenhouse, bought used on Craigslist and assembled by Lovely Spouse. It’s not quite furnished yet, and nothing is growing in it; I intend to do that this weekend.
Here’s the new truck, formerly property of my dad. It was “free”; i.e., it’s cost me close to $900 so far, with more money I could throw at it if I really wanted to. But it’s vastly much better than the old rustbucket, which is up for sale.

Here’s the new goat, Friday (left) with the old one, Thursday. We’re discussing going with females next year. Meanwhile, we’re getting out of the rabbit biz … bunnies got too old and fat to breed. I may try again someday, with new stock, but if I do, I’m going to try to feed the little bastards without pellets.

Harvest continues. Spinach is nice, fall peas on this weekend. Squash are about dead, but it’s been a great harvest.  My goal next year will be to raise things that I don’t have to put up at all, just roots, cabbage and the like, that I can stick in the barn through the winter. Realistically, I don’t have the time to can, and Rusty doesn’t have the inclination. But our Polish dills turned out well, and were very easy, so that will definitely be a repeat. Garlic is in but not up yet; we got nice fat bulbs this year. I’ll need to dig sweet potatoes in a week or so, but the weather is still warm enough for some growth.


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