Don’t bring an LRAD to an idea fight

The San Diego Co. sheriff was so terrified by the possible presence of Teapartiers at town hall meetings that he brought along a weapon developed to control Iraqi crowds … which can cause permanent hearing loss. I don’t know why they own it, except that it’s the product of a local company. They have to keep the economy booming, after all.

I guess that if Susan Davis and Darrell Issa can’t be bothered to listen to us, nobody else should be able to listen.

UPDATE 9/21. Some folks on a Beeb TV show have improvised a defence against this weapon. But as David Hambling points out:

Anyone who turns up wearing a tinfoil suit, gas mask and visor is — in the eyes of the police or security forces — looking for trouble and is likely to get it.

As Capt. Jay Delarosa, spokesman for the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, told me: “If an individual makes extensive efforts to counter the effect of a non-lethal system, then they are likely showing hostile intent and an escalation of force may be warranted based on existing rules of engagement.”

In other words, if a Taser doesn’t bring you down, they will try shooting you with something else. Better bring a bullet-proof vest as well.


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