Maybe they thought they were signing the Book of Life

Where’s that “separation of church and state” meme when you really need it?

Washington, DC ( — A coalition of mainline Protestant churches have authored a letter to members of Congress asking them to make certain the health care bills they are considering contain taxpayer funding for abortions.

The letter calls abortion a “morally justifiable decision” and opposed any amendments to the House and Senate bills, which current contain massive abortion funding, to strike that taxpayer-financing.

The letter added that she doesn’t want more abortion funding bans in place and complained that additional “restrictions” on abortion funding constitute a “serious moral injustice.”

And stealing from people who believe that abortion is murder is not a serious moral injustice? Not to mention abortion itself?

The denominations endorsing the letter include the American Baptist Churches, Church of the Brethren, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), United Church of Christ, and the United Methodist Church, and others.

ELCA: George Tiller’s church

Some of the signers to the letter include: Fr. Dr. Luis Barrios, Chair of Latin American and Latina/o Studies, John Jay College of Criminal Justice – CUNY; Rabbi Dan Ehrenkrantz, President, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College; Rev. Dr. Yvette Flunder, Bishop, The Fellowship; The Rev. Dr. Paula Gravelle, Chair, Clergy Action Board; and Rev. Dr. Larry Greenfield, Executive Minister, American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago.
They also include Rabbi Peter Knobel, Former President, Central Conference of American Rabbis; Rev. Dr. Pamela Lightsey, Dean, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary; Rev. Michael Livingston, Executive Director, International Council of Community Churches; Rev. Dr. Deborah Mullen, Director, Center for African American Ministry and Black Church Studies, McCormick Theological Seminary; Dr. Sylvia Rhue, Interim Executive Director, National Black Justice Coalition; and Rev. Dr. William Stayton, Professor of Sexuality and Religion, Morehouse School of Medicine


2 Responses to Maybe they thought they were signing the Book of Life

  1. saynsumthn says:

    Check out the movie: maafa21, an eye opening documentary about abortion and black genocide: http://www.maafa21com

  2. Linda Morgan says:

    I clicked through in hopes of seeing the letter for myself but the Lifenews article doesn’t link it.

    That article does now however feature the following update, which addresses the main thing in the letter that I found hard to believe:

    8/3/09 NOTE: An earlier edition of this story indicated the denominations of the clergy also signed the letter. We are happy to correct this and note that the denominations apparently did not participate, only the clergy members themselves.

    That makes the whole deal a little less horrifying.

    A visit to the website of the Religious Institute (, where the letter was “developed,” makes clear the nature of the group as one of, um, special advocacy a bit removed from the mainstream of most denominations. I think.

    Anyway, it also seems that the letter itself isn’t actually addressed to members of Congress, but rather to religious leaders. That’s assuming the letter in question is the one here: That appears to be the case, and jibes with the (current) opening paragraph of updated Lifenews article:

    A coalition of mainline Protestant church clergy have authored a letter promoting abortion. The group sponsoring it intends it to make a statement on abortion funding as members of Congress consider health care bills that fund abortions.

    About the letter: I haven’t taken a deep enough breath to dive in and read the whole thing yet, but a couple of sentences here and there have caught my eye, including this:

    It is precisely because life and parenthood are so precious that no woman should be coerced to carry a pregnancy to term.

    Hmmmm. And WTF? If life wasn’t so precious you wouldn’t have to electively end it from time to time to preempt equally precious parenthood? And not coming through with cash on demand for anyone wants to abort is the same thing as coercing her to carry to term?

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