The Queen disapproves

I don’t get this:

According to informants quoted in The Catholic Herald, the Queen has “grown increasingly sympathetic” to the Catholic Church over the years while being “appalled”, along with the Prince of Wales, at developments in the Church of England.
The usually well-informed newspaper adds that the Queen, who is the Supreme Governor of the C of E, is “also said to have an affinity with the Holy Father, who is of her generation”.

If Her Majesty is ultimately in charge of the Church of England, why are we hearing about this from “Catholic moles”? Why aren’t we hearing it from Elizabeth’s own bully pulpit? Granted, nobody has any business running both a church and a state (the main historical and structural problem with the C of E), but if she’s deemed to be ultimately responsible, then why isn’t she taking responsibility? Why isn’t she speaking out about the increasingly apostate positions the church is taking? What would her illustrious predecessor and namesake have done?

As for her relationship with the Pope, wouldn’t it be a hoot if she attempted to give the C of E to the Vatican upon her death? It would never fly, for sure, and would stir up all kinds of bizarre historical grudges. But at least the Catholics would know what to with the thing. OTOH, “King’s College sings Marty Haugan”…. EWWWWWW!!!!


One Response to The Queen disapproves

  1. kishnevi says:

    I suspect that, as a legal/constitutional matter, neither she nor the PoW can say or do anything, at least in public, in the same way that she has to shut her mouth and do whatever the Prime Minister tells her to do in secular affairs. Probably the only thing she could do is abdicate, and announce why she was abdicating. More sensible would be for her to promote the idea that the English monarch should no longer be the legal head of the Church, and ultimately repeal the part of the Act of Settlement that requires the monarch to be a member of the CofE. But perhaps that’s too much of a break from tradition for her to stomach (and would require some quick double talk with whichever of the royals renounced his right to the throne in order to marry a Catholic–was it Prince Michael?)
    And from the reports I have read, the group the article says she’s most sympathetic to inside the CoE is actually more evangelical than AngloCatholic in its orientation.
    Nor does it really specify what issues she’s unhappy over. Gays? Women priests and bishops (rather inconsistent of her if she did)? Something else?

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