“Prizes are for boys. I’m a man.” — Charles Ives

First reaction: “WTF has he done? [ROTFLMAO]”

I was first going to call this post “RIP Nobel Peace Prize”. But the rot has been in for a long time. Al Gore?! But longer than that, from the beginning.  Elihu Root (guy responsible for “pacifying” the Phillippines after the Spanish-American war); Theodore Roosevelt, the hero of San Juan Hill,  Root’s boss and waver of the “big stick” all through the Americas; Woodrow Wilson, who got us into an unnecessary war and set up the next one. Actually, I don’t begrudge Wilson, in historical context; it really looked like he’d fixed it for peace. But Obama was in office for all of 12 days when the deadline for nominations came. And he hasn’t yet stopped the two wars he’s responsible for.  Maybe it’s a prize for “destroying the world’s last superpower”, which could eventually lead to more peace (or maybe not; the caliphate cometh). ““The Republican Party has thrown in its lot with the terrorists – the Taliban and Hamas this morning – in criticizing the President for receiving the Nobel Peace prize,” DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse told POLITICO.” Uh, yeah, sure. This isn’t about Obama, who was and is a hapless boob, nor even about the DNC making it “all about Obama”. It’s about the utter fatuousness of giving Peace Prizes to leaders of institutions which are set up to have monopolies on violence. If the Nobel Committee was half as serious about real peace as they are about teabagging Marxists, they’d make any sitting head of state ineligible for an award. The Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa? Sure, any day. Heck, even “this or that commission.” But leave do-nothing fraudsters out of it. And it’s good to see that even some Democrats see this as over-the-top.


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