Banging 13 trumps free exercise of religion?

Here’s an incredible tale of a man who can’t attend the church of his choice because he once had sex with a teen girl, and later had a rape conviction…and there’s a child care in the church.

The hysteria about child abuse needs to stop, now.  Pre-pubescent? Yeah, I’d vote for anatomical alteration. But doing teenagers, which was normal through most of the history of mankind?  Maybe not a good idea, maybe something that needs some legal sanction, but nothing to lose civil rights over. Ask Loretta Lynn’s family.

I wish his suit well. It looks like it has merit to me, but the courts are notorious these days for bending over backwards to support government power.


One Response to Banging 13 trumps free exercise of religion?

  1. kishnevi says:

    Show me the church that doesn’t have child care facilities and I’ll probably be able to show you a monastery or convent.

    And where, btw, is the man supposed to shop for clothes? After all, you find kids all the time in department stores. Even at ten or later in the night (with their parents) when you’d suppose them to be home in bed. And since sex offenders are routinely forbidden to go online, he can’t even use an online vendor…

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