O noes! O-flags!

WND is all up in arms because folks are selling flags that look like the American flag, except that in the blue field there’s a picture of Obama in place of the stars. In some jurisdictions, it might even be against the law! Oh horrors…

Is it “the American flag” without the stars? What if there’s one fewer stripe? If Obama flags are illegal, what about Threeper/Nyberg flags? Do WND and its readers want to go there?

Do I think that Obama Flags are tacky as hell, and an insult to the country? Yes. So what? If the flag is worth dying for, it means free expression, even at the expense of the flag…and if it doesn’t mean that, why die for the flag? Do I think it’s un-American for the neo-conner WND and Atlas Shrugs to incite eBay to corporate censorship? Yes.

Let’s remember the primary practical purpose of a flag: to distinguish friend from foe. The Obama flag is eminently suited to that purpose. I would encourage Obama-worshippers to fly it in front of their homes, high, often, and proudly.


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