Why I am not a conservative, part 666: The Conservative Bible

…because I don’t think that the Word of God is something to hang ideology around.

Things like Thomas Nelson’s American Patriots’ Bible were bad enough, but at least the NKJV text was intact and untampered with. But to attempt or propose a retranslation based on politics is an affront to God and an invitation to hellfire. These folks want to start with King James. OK, KJV is not without political biases; neo-pagans know well the story of Exodus 22:18. But we’re not talking about liberalism here : 20 years before KJV, they were drawing and quartering Catholics in England. Karl Marx wouldn’t be born for 2 more centuries. Who am I supposed to trust here: the best Biblical scholars of their time, prayerfully seeking the truth, or a bunch of non-scholarly yahoos who are convinced that what God really meant was what’s in their pea brains?

Criminy, even Joe Farah thinks this is a hideous idea.

Really, it’s Protestantism run amok. If you accept, contrary to 2 Peter 1:20, that Scripture can be of private interpretation (the basis of the Protestant heresy), then private retranslation (which is just a particular form of interpretation) is fine. More evidence of this can be seen in their belief that there was grape juice in the northern hemisphere at Passover, a departure from physical reality shared by the likes of Ernie Sanders.

The result of this must inevitably be a conservative civic religion, related to but not identical with Christianity (which is independent of if not opposed to the State), and another way for Christianity to be a laughingstock to those on the Left.


2 Responses to Why I am not a conservative, part 666: The Conservative Bible

  1. James Quick says:

    Me thinks you misrepresent Conservatives. I am not particularly religious because organized religion has become to much of a work of men, I believe in God, I believe the Constitution guarantees freedom to practice the religion of my choice just as you do yours. While a few may want to control the religious practices of others, most Conservatives want the ten comandments to be followed, i.e. Abortion is murder,
    Marraige between two of the same sex is an abomination and not a civil rights issue. Charity is
    good, stealing from one man to give to another is sinful and bad. Calling Conservatives Bible Thumpers is a ploy of the Athiest Left which I know you are not a member of.


  2. rwp says:

    Last I looked, conservatism did not include blasphemy, so I definitely wouldn’t call this conservative in any sense of the word. The reaction on OrthodoxChristianity.Net was unanimous scorn, and on the Christian spectrum, the Orthodox are about as far to the “right” as one can get.

    It is, however, Protestant, and it’s been done before, just more subtly, and to reflect theology, not political ideology.

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