QatD Electoral recommendations

Nobody from around here reads this blog anyway, so my making recommendations is rather silly. But for those interested in my thoughts on The Great Issues Facing Our State Yada Yada, here goes:

Ohio Issue 2: creation of Livestock Care Standards Board

Hell no!

First, because I have no natural right to do such a thing. If I were to walk onto the farm of one of these guys who got the yard sign  from Farm Bureau, waving a gun around and saying things like, “Get these cattle off this feedlot NOW and onto pasture. You don’t have any pasture? Sell the cows!”, I’d be very lucky to leave there vertically, and rightly so. Nobody in their right mind would argue that I have any right to do that. If I don’t have such a right, how can I validly delegate that right to the government? Not only have I no right to vote “yes”, but I have an affirmative duty to vote “no” to cancel out the asshat who thinks that, because he hid in a voting booth, it wasn’t really him sticking it to his neighbors’ farm.

Second, because it will fail in its declared intent. HSUS has already announced that this will not be sufficient to stave off a ballot drive, so we are likely to have California farming rules PLUS a useless bureaucracy. If the CAFO and egg factory guys can’t make a moral and economic case to the public for what they’re doing, maybe they shouldn’t be doing it.

Third, any such board can and will be captured by the big money players, and your home chicken flock will be forced into cages because letting them free-range leaves them vulnerable to predators. You ever see what a stray Black Lab can do to a flock? I have, and it’s not pretty. Downright cruel, in fact.  And no killing your spent hens unless you have a multi-thousand dollar machine to euthanize them. You don’t hand over a loaded gun to just anyone.

Ohio Issue 3: Casinos

Don’t vote!

If this were a vote on principle, a constitutional amendment saying, “The General Assembly shall make no law respecting gambling”, I would be so there. It’s not. It’s a vote on giving another sweetheart deal to big gambling interests. On one hand, we have people who think that Ohio’s economy can be saved by encouraging Ohioans and a few out-of-staters to piss money down a slot. Casinos produce nothing. Sure, it would be a miniscule liberalization of Ohio gaming law. But on the other hand, we have Christianists anxious to save sinners from the vice of gambling. A plague on both their houses, I say. I don’t have the right to stop people from gambling, so I sure don’t have the right to establish a monopoly.


David Brode

Tommie Jo Marsilio

It’s very hard to choose judges on the substantive issue: do they actually believe in the Constitution and natural rights? My belief is that association with either of the two criminal conspiracies against the Constitution is circumstantial but persuasive  evidence that they do not…which leaves the above as the outsider candidates. Both appear to be as qualified if not more qualified than their opposition.  And Marsilio deserves a break : she was fired by the prosecutor because he didn’t like her style of campaigning, plus her parents really really wanted a boy.

Twp. trustee:

Damned if I know

Neither has distributed any substantive campaign literature, and Rusty, who has met at least one of them, is not enough of a policy wonk to ferret out their positions. We’ll probably go with Todd Phillips, as the same people who supported the odious Kevin Knight last time are supporting Jesse Wirick. If either of you search-engines this up and want to tell me what you won’t do, I’ll consider it carefully. (Beckie Dean could do it; why can’t you?)



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